For this Saturday’s BOOTCAMP, we are going to one of Melbourne’s iconic and unique walking trails – the 1000 Steps Kokoda Walk – also known to be a very popular attraction for fitness enthusiasts!

At 8.15am (April 2nd), the MBSFIT team will meet you all at the bottom of the steps to stretch and get motivated in preparation for the 8.30am climb.

As you are aware, our weekly Saturday BOOTCAMPS are in conjunction with the MBSFIT 12 Week Challenge to enable a high level of camaraderie amongst the MBSFIT members and coaches throughout their body transformation journey.

As a place of pilgrimage for those determined to test and improve their fitness, the 3km climb is one of the most popular spots in the Dandenong Ranges National Park. Not only will you get an intense workout but you will also be surrounded by nature’s wonders with adjacent forest areas, bush lands and various scenic points. You will also definitely get a small glimpse into the physical effort experienced by the Australian soldiers during 1942.

Did you know that climbing a flight of stairs (approx. 10 stairs) is the equivalent calorie burn of taking 38 steps on level ground? Then you can only imagine the benefits that the 1000 steps will provide.

Here are some benefits we can assure you will get:

  • Amazing cardio session.
  • Increase in heart rate.
  • Great for toning and building muscle.
  • You can burn twice the fat in half the time as going for a run.
  • Your body releases natural endorphins during a sustained stair climb, which means you will leave feeling satisfied from a great workout.
  • An increase in energy.
  • A team activity creating a high level of motivation for yourself and fellow members.

Reaching the top will provide you with an amazing feeling of accomplishment – The MBSFIT team is excited to climb those steps with you and complete yet another results driven BOOTCAMP. Remember, the 12 Week Challenge is a team event – we begin together and we finish together!

Important Information:

  • Meet at 8.15 at bottom of steps

  • Please make sure to bring a bottle of water, as there are no water fountains on the trail.

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