Push your limits in our group classes

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Supercharge your workout in the bootcamp class! A mix of HIIT and strength, bootcamp will push your fitness to the max whilst engaging your full body! Varying workouts each week will continuously challenge and motivate you, whilst building up to your optimal physique.
Our slow flow yoga will take you through dynamic stretches to improve flexibility and mobility. A relaxing class to achieve mindfulness whilst improving stability, flexibility and core engagement. Yoga will not only provide a sense of tranquillity. but also reduce risk of injury.
MBS BOX is a high-intensity cardio class, incorporating the skills and agility work boxing. Boxers of all levels are welcome and will learn to fight on the bags and pads through a fat-burning workout. Our boxing class will get your heart pumping and leave you in a sweat
Build lean muscle through our challenging strength class! Practice proper form and technique in the supervision of our qualified instructors who will help push your lifts to the max and unlock your potential! The class will take you around the machines, and teach you new movements to use in your own training.


Not sure if our classes are for you? Here’s 5 reasons why group fitness training may be beneficial in reaching your health and fitness goals.







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