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Push yourself through an interval training and boxing workout designed to have you working at your optimal heart rate zone for maximum results.

Heart Rate Monitor Training

Boost your results through our live time heart rate monitor display. Pushing your heart rate into the optimal calorie burning zones means your metabolism will also be working at a higher rate well after the session has finished!

Meet Our Professional Boxing Coaches

Our coaches have a professional boxing background, so whether you have a low or high level of fitness our coaches will offer you all the knowledge and support needed to get you results!

Get Results

Whether you want to lose weight, tone, increase speed, power and fitness MBSBOX will have you achieving your goal.

Mbsbox Studio

Train in a state of the art boxing and fitness studio. With all the gear needed to get you to the top of your game. All MBSBOX memberships also have bonus 24/7 gym access to use for extra variety and motivation,

The Best Boxing Gym South Yarra Has to Offer

Here at MBS GYM, we are very proud to offer an amazing boxing gym Prahran residents love. Many regular members come over the course of the year to learn a new skill and get into great shape. Learning to box is, of course, an amazing way to defend yourself too. 

We are proud to offer a great range of facilities, too, helping you to get the best workout possible and hone your skills. 

Gym Workout

Why You Should Consider Joining a Boxing Gym

Our expert instructors offer classes that help our members to get the best out of boxing. Wondering why you might want to give boxing a go, though? It’s not all about self-defence – here’s a closer look at some of the other reasons that you might want to join a boxing gym.

Improved Self-Confidence

Boxing can help you to get in great shape and also help you to defend yourself. If you’re lacking in self-confidence, these two factors can help you to feel better and improve your self-esteem. 

While you might find that boxing is difficult to pick up at first, you will improve over time, and the more you practice, the better you will become. This can really help to improve your abilities and show that you are capable of taking on new challenges and succeeding. This means that while your body is improving, your mental health can also get a nice boost. If you want to speed up your Boxing skills, you can also get a personal training session in South Yarra with us to give you all the attention and focus you need to excell.

Eliminate Stress

Modern life is filled with lots of stress. Work, family, social media, bosses… It can all get a little bit much. Boxing is an amazing way to eliminate that stress in a constructive way. Stress can build up over time and if you’re on the brink of snapping, taking it all out on a heavy bag is a great way to look after yourself. 

To make things even better, the intense exercise will release a range of hormones that help you to feel better and reduce the stress that you feel throughout your everyday life.

Boost Your Mental Focus

To get the most from boxing, you need to hone your ability to focus. Concentration is key and demands that you stay in the present throughout the entire exercise. This is a great way to help you improve your ability to focus – an issue that many people have in the times that we live in. This can help you to improve your ability to focus on other areas of your life.

Make New Friends at Our South Yarra Boxing Gym

Boxing is a very friendly and social sport, where many participants come together to help themselves and others get the best from themselves. Helping others to develop new techniques and abilities, you will forge strong connections and lasting friendships. This makes our South Yarra group fitness classes a great place to meet new friends, particularly given the friendly atmosphere that we cultivate.

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